Magnify Your Business

Magnified Web guides businesses in creating useful and informative websites. Collaboration, competence, and a helpful attitude are integral parts of the process.

Magnified Web opened it's doors in 2013 and immediately began its mission to create a web development experience rarely seen in the industry. The company’s goal was always to work with clients to create websites that adequately reflect each business’s strengths. To do this effectively, founder Lisa Garner realized that collaboration, an openness to learning about founders’ values and mission, and a passion for walking clients through the website development process were key in ensuring a website’s success. The addition of Nick Arce—whose strengths focus on business strategy, SEO, and analytics— has created a well-rounded team that understands the tools necessary to ensure businesses succeed.

Our highest objective is to help small- and medium-sized businesses create websites that are profitable while reflecting its values and needs. The Magnified Web Team combines collaboration, strategy, website design experience, communication, and hard work to ensure each business client has a website that attracts their ideal customer and will more easily guide them toward fulfilling their goals.

Our Core Values


With our skills, expertise and knowledge in the industry, Magnified Web believes in providing more value to clients than they can supply in return. Our mission has always been consistent: providing quality services and knowledge while nurturing and developing relationships.


Businesses should feel empowered about their next steps and future after every interaction. With this in mind, Magnified Web strives to provide the best service possible while also giving advice and tips on ways to improve.


Every time a new website, feature, or SEO strategy is implemented, we adopt the objectives and aims of our clients as our own. The implementation is handled as if it were for our own company.

Our Process

01. Become Acquainted

Introduce ourselves, chat, and see if we are a good fit. This casual, laid-back conversation could be the beginning of something amazing.

02. Identify Your Goals

Your goals combined with our guidance drive the entire project forward; your goals form the foundation of your website. We dig deep to find what it is you really want from your business.

03. Reach an Agreement

We outline a website that both sides agree to. Expectations and milestones are clearly defined so all parties understand the process.

04. Kickoff Work

Magnified Web begins working on your site. Milestones are created and regular communication throughout the process will keep you involved.

05. Clear to Launch

We test your website to make sure everything is running properly and we unveil it to the world.

06. To Infinity

After the website is live, Magnified Web is available to assist with site care plans, ongoing SEO (search engine optimization), and future changes, among other services.

Meet Your Team

Nicholas Arce

CEO / Web Developer

Nick is a marketing- and results-focused entrepreneur, late night husband/father, and night owl video gamer who is passionate about assisting others in successfully marketing their businesses. Growing up in a household obsessed with public relations and website creation shaped him into a creative individual with a drive for photography, fashion, and marketing.

This passion and drive are now channeled toward his commercial and business endeavors where he guides businesses in expressing their message, boosting their profits, and fulfilling their objectives. With years of experience creating websites, learning WordPress, researching and applying marketing messaging, and studying analytics, he has a toolbox of design solutions ready to help businesses move to the next stage of their growth.

Lisa Garner

Founder / Web Strategist

Lisa is an expert website strategist, web developer, and founder of Magnified Web. A lifelong learner, she has been building websites for more than two decades. Early in her career, she learned she could fuel her desire to help people with their passion and vision for their company by creating unique websites that reflect each client’s mission and values. Also a natural problem solver, Lisa becomes an extension of your staff, collaborating with each client to learn the dynamics of their business and create a tool that is easy to use and navigate; enticing to look at; and, most importantly, helps the business grow. From learning by trial and error to becoming certified in web development, photoshop and graphic design, she can quickly and easily find solutions to website challenges and help each website become an effective working tool for your business.